The Exacting Science of Edibles

Dispensaries and cultivators are part of the new ecosystem of cannabis ventures here in Missouri—and they’re garnering plenty of buzz. But one element of this ecosystem is often overlooked: the Infused Product Facility. A company holding an infused-product license in Missouri—like PHYTOS—manufactures infused products, but the level of science and compliance required for success for this kind of facility is complex.  

Eighty-six licenses were conditionally awarded in Missouri for infused product facilities, and those facilities must meet or exceed rigorous benchmarks from start to finish of production. In the same way that Missouri requires strict tracking of all cannabis plants from seed to sale, manufacturing facilities like PHYTOS are responsible for upholding the highest scientific standards. This means that a manufacturing facility has to be able to offer space and storage for raw materials, allow for movement from place to place within the facility, enforce sanitary production of finished products, and transport those products to dispensaries—among other considerations. In short? There’s more to infused products than making cannabis-infused chocolates. 

PHYTOS and other infused product facilities do, of course, offer edibles—but that’s only the beginning. The facility is equipped to create a multitude of product types, ranging from food and beverages to topicals and skincare, to concentrates and vape cartridges. For PHYTOS, producing this wide variety of products is central to our mission—but it will never come at the expense of precision in every drop, dose, or drink. 

Interested in leveraging PHYTOS’ industry-leading expertise for your own company? PHYTOS is poised to produce reliable, safe, and meticulously consistent infused products for Missouri growers—and we can’t wait to introduce you to our capabilities. Get in touch now to start working with us.

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