PHYTOS launches Missouri’s first microdose line of products, midose.

Phytos Manufacturing, a BeLeaf Medical Company, is proud to announce a partnership with Ananda Brands and the launch of the midose. line of products. Verve, the first midose. product on the market, is an uplifting blend of all-natural botanical ingredients in a dose controlled, all-in-one vape pen. The vape pens were made available earlier this spring and are now in over 30 dispensaries in Missouri. A second product, quick dissolve sublingual tablets called midose. melts, will be available in the next few weeks. The positive feedback from patients has created great demand for the products all over the state.

“We want to be there for patients who are on the journey to achieve holistic wellness and balance in their daily life. We designed midose. (as in “my dose”) to be simple and straightforward to use, says Kate Simpson, Co-founder and Marketing Director with Ananda Brands, “there are 3 varieties of all-natural botanical blends that guide you toward what to expect from each one—whether it’s calm, clarity, or zzzs. Since each inhale and melt is precisely measured into a microdose, patients can feel confident that they are in the right zone every time.”

The 500mg, all-in-one midose. vape pen consists of ratios of THC and CBD, all-natural terpenes and botanical blends for the needs of anxiety relief, energy/focus and night time rest. These vape pens are dose controlled, allowing consistent 3 second pulls each time with the dosage hovering around 3mg THC per draw. This allows the patient to fully decide how many draws they need to feel just right in a controlled way.

midose. melts, a sublingual, quick-dissolve tablet, are all-natural with blends of 3mg THC and CBD ratios, terpenes and curated botanicals. These melts dissolve under the tongue within 1 minute and immediately enter the bloodstream allowing effects to be felt within 5 – 20 minutes, a much quicker onset than a gummy, capsule or other edible product. A traditional edible has to be digested and pass through the liver, delaying effects for up to an hour or more.

Finding the perfect balance is a personal process since each person reacts to cannabis differently. There’s no such thing as a “standard dose” and this is where the concept of microdosing is primed to take out the guessing games. Microdosing is taking the “low & slow” approach to cannabis and is gaining traction in the growing cannabis space. There used to be many variables around cannabis but that’s why midose. was created, to allow patients to maximize their health and well-being with an all-natural dose that works for them.

“Consistency is key with midose.” Phytos Chief Science Officer, Stephanie Cernicek said. “We created a product that provides patients with precise control over their experience. Each batch is tested twice to ensure the potency is exact and automated filling machines have been fine-tuned and calibrated to precisely fill each pen to exactly 500mg. We are excited to produce midose. products. After years of research and development, midose. has arrived with specifically formulated products, putting patients in control of their experience.”



Phytos, the manufacturing arm of BeLeaf Medical, one of the largest vertically integrated, announced today its launch and availability of cannabis-infused small-batch chocolates line KIZMET from Saddleback Chocolates. Previously introduced in 2018 as a CBD-infused confection, the line is now introducing chocolate peanut butter cups and chocolate covered sandwich cookies with more confections on the way.

“As the largest wholesaler of branded cannabis products, we continue to expand the reach of our brands and diversified offerings to appeal to all consumers who have different preferences and needs,” said Tom Muzzey, CEO of BeLeaf Medical. “It has been such a pleasure to see our Phytos brand grow in the last year and delight more consumers not only in St. Louis but throughout Missouri.”

Saddleback has taken their unmatched attention to detail and quality to the production of cannabis-infused KIZMET chocolates. “We are a high-end chocolatier focusing on premium quality in taste and texture of chocolate with the benefits of the best THC available in Missouri, hand-poured and made in small batches,” said Maureen Moore, CEO and Founder of Saddleback Chocolates. “We have perfected the smooth velvety rich and creamy texture experienced in our peanut butter cups through our private recipe, hand whipped fluffy peanut butter encased in milk chocolate and drizzled with dark chocolate. Our chocolate sandwich cookies, double stuffed, are equally decadent…covered in milk chocolate with dark drizzle.”

Each Phytos product is precisely dosed to provide cannabis consumers with confidence to experiment with different flavors, textures and delivery. “Our unique, artisan chocolates will be debuting in dispensaries across the St. Louis region, and we’re excited to finally share a product that we’ve been working hard to perfect, says Stephanie Cernicek, Chief Science Officer for Phytos Manufacturing. “Our chocolate confections are an excellent option for those cannabis patients who would prefer another alternative to smoking. These discrete, portable chocolates produce a mellow, long lasting effect without the hassle and inconvenience of smoking.”