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PHYTOS brings unmatched scientific rigor to cannabis in Missouri. Our dedicated hi-tech facilities make it possible for PHYTOS to produce reliable, safe, and meticulously consistent cannabis products including concentrates, vape pens and cartridges, and gummies. Our cannabis products are monitored by scientists at every step and third-party lab-tested for purity and safety, and we offer a wide range of extraction methods to suit any need. PHYTOS offers CO2 extraction, wipe film extraction, efficient Ethanol extraction, and now state-of-the-art Hydrocarbon extraction—which allows us to immediately freeze freshly trimmed cannabis and extract more quickly, preserving delicate terpenes for a superior extract and producing live-resin products on-site. These science-backed systems and proprietary formulations have made the PHYTOS name synonymous with precision—precision that PHYTOS is proud to offer to our partners in the coming months.



As in the scientific process, being able to exactly replicate our results time and time again is an essential part of what we do. To that end, PHYTOS relies on a variety of both computer- and human-monitored standard checkpoints to ensure we are delivering the same high-quality extractions and products every time.

Our state-of-the-art facilities, industry-leading experts, and cutting-edge technologies are just the beginning. We take an exacting approach to our process, going above and beyond to ensure precise, accurate and consistent outcomes—and holding ourselves to a higher standard than any other brand, by ensuring our facilities are FDA and CGMP compliant from the start.



Being able to fully customize your products is key for your brand. We offer a full suite of extraction processes to suit our partners, so it’s easy to achieve exactly the result you’re looking for—with no compromises. Consult with our team of scientists to find a solution that’s right for you.

FDA-compliant facilities

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