Phytos, the manufacturing arm of BeLeaf Medical, one of the largest vertically integrated, announced today its launch and availability of cannabis-infused small-batch chocolates line KIZMET from Saddleback Chocolates. Previously introduced in 2018 as a CBD-infused confection, the line is now introducing chocolate peanut butter cups and chocolate covered sandwich cookies with more confections on the way.

“As the largest wholesaler of branded cannabis products, we continue to expand the reach of our brands and diversified offerings to appeal to all consumers who have different preferences and needs,” said Tom Muzzey, CEO of BeLeaf Medical. “It has been such a pleasure to see our Phytos brand grow in the last year and delight more consumers not only in St. Louis but throughout Missouri.”

Saddleback has taken their unmatched attention to detail and quality to the production of cannabis-infused KIZMET chocolates. “We are a high-end chocolatier focusing on premium quality in taste and texture of chocolate with the benefits of the best THC available in Missouri, hand-poured and made in small batches,” said Maureen Moore, CEO and Founder of Saddleback Chocolates. “We have perfected the smooth velvety rich and creamy texture experienced in our peanut butter cups through our private recipe, hand whipped fluffy peanut butter encased in milk chocolate and drizzled with dark chocolate. Our chocolate sandwich cookies, double stuffed, are equally decadent…covered in milk chocolate with dark drizzle.”

Each Phytos product is precisely dosed to provide cannabis consumers with confidence to experiment with different flavors, textures and delivery. “Our unique, artisan chocolates will be debuting in dispensaries across the St. Louis region, and we’re excited to finally share a product that we’ve been working hard to perfect, says Stephanie Cernicek, Chief Science Officer for Phytos Manufacturing. “Our chocolate confections are an excellent option for those cannabis patients who would prefer another alternative to smoking. These discrete, portable chocolates produce a mellow, long lasting effect without the hassle and inconvenience of smoking.”